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Take your luck in your own hands with
Feng Shui for the Mind

This balance is the key to create a harmonious atmosphere in your life.

A better standard of living
Attract into your life what you desire
For harmony in your everyday life with family, friends and work colleagues

As we remove this mental clutter we make room for beliefs that will support us to create what we want at present. Hidden beliefs are the strings that pull our thoughts and actions.

The Feng Shui for the Mind Balance is one way to clear old believes and habits and create what you really want in a gentle way.

One can look at this balance as a spring clean of the mind. A place does collect dust and clutter so does our mind. Yet the clutter in our mind is not always as obvious. Clearing the clutter of the mind requires looking below the surface.

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind you created it. Albert Einstein

Feng Shui Balance for the Mind - 2 hour Workshop        
Investment $70  
Date Sat. 20th June 2015 2pm to 4pm
Booking essential


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