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Understanding Feng Shui

Over the past 12 years I have consulted many clients on Feng Shui and have held many Feng Shui courses and workshops.  In the work I do, it is important to connect with people and these connections are not only on a superficial level, with my work also comes responsibility. Advising someone on how to create changes in their lives can never be taken lightly. Although many people still think that Feng Shui is a once of thing, this is a misunderstanding and I will explain why.

As many of my clients and students will agree, a Feng Shui consultant/teacher becomes in many ways a mentor. This mentorship is ongoing in relation to the service provided or course attended, via phone or email as long as a client/student wants it and it is FREE. The only time there is a cost involved is for a yearly flying star update to assure a continuous balance in the home/office, if the client moves into another home/office or if a site visit is required for any reason.


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