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2016 carries the vibration of #9 and is the year of the Monkey.
There is much speculation about what this year will have installed for us. Every year is bringing a new energy into this world, although it carries a certain pattern, yet it will affect everyone in a slightly different way.
For some it will feel like a breeze of fresh air clearing some of the fog getting a clearer perception in where you want to go in life, for others it may create some obstacles. Regardless of how it will present itself to you, remember that you are in charge. Some people can’t see their path even on a clear day, others look at an obstacle as a challenge to overcome a weakness and build on their strengths.
The best advice I can give, is to get to know your strengths and weaknesses this is the greatest tool to deal with anything that comes your way. If you are not yet aware of your strengths and weaknesses you may want to have an astrology chart drawn up so you are equipped to take the most favourable actions to make the most of what the energy of the year 2016 has to offer.


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