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Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny

Both The East and The West have used astrology for thousands of years

BaZi Chart

A BaZi reading can be used for guidance and solutions.

It can help a person see possible opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead.

Identify the kind of relationship a person has with family members, friends, superiors and subordinates, as well as what kind of career they are most likely be successful in.

No one is good at everything. But everyone is good at something. Everyone has a different role to play in society. Taking control of life begins with understanding ourselves. Not many people are born lucky, luck is what we create for ourselves and BaZi can help.

Utilizing the services of a professional and reputable Feng Shui consultant, can help in making better decisions that result in a more fulfilling career, happier relationships, greater wealth and better health.

Life's challenges are never ending and most people encounter obstacles and setbacks from time-to-time: this is part of life's learning cycle. When we understand and are aware of what obstacles and opportunities may be ahead of us, we can plan our actions accordingly. This can make life's challenges more manageable.

We use a road map when we set off on a journey, BaZi can be this map for your personal journey. But, it is not just a map, it also offers solutions to reach your life's goals in a smoother and faster way.

When using BaZi and Feng Shui synergistically - as they should be, they become a powerful tool.

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