As well as providing both home, business and personal visits and workshop classes in venues where based on the Central Coast of New South Wales. They are also conducted on a regular basis between Wollongong in New South Wales and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - which encompasses Sydney, the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, Brisbane and all locations in between too. Enquiries about other intrastate, interstate and international visits are also welcome.

What course and workshop participants say

I find feng shui so interesting and it has definitely had a positive impact on my life. I tell lots of people about it, but I find that most are quite skeptical or do not quite understand the concept of it. I think it is difficult to grasp unless you experience it for yourself.

Toni S. Central Coast NSW

I have learnt so much to help both my physical and spiritual aspects of my life. I have regained my inner strength which was diminished.

Veronica C. Sydney NSW

Fun, interesting, everything came together just like a jigsaw puzzle. This course was the missing link for me.

Joanne S. Sydney NSW

Very interesting, placing of subject matter and timing was good and well placed. Subject matter was excellent and well designed.

Lynne I. Central Coast NSW

This course was really enjoyable, fun and a good balanced content. An uplifting day was had by all. Can't wait to get home and use the info!

Michelle G. Central Coast NSW

Thank you. Enjoyed the mixture of theory and practical and sharing of experiences.

Hazel G. Sydney NSW

Very helpful - thank you. Thank you for listening and advising in the end instead of rushing us out.

Christine J. Sydney NSW

Great insight into a better way to enhance your life within the space you live in and yourself. Will recommend this to friends and family.

Michelle H. Sydney NSW

The course was very good. It was much more powerful than I expected, it was a bit of a shock to me that changes actually started happening.

Karen B. Sydney NSW

Had so much fun and absolutely loved it and learned heaps.

Sarah M. Sydney NSW

Lots to take in, I will need to go back over it - but great inspiration.

Janice S. Sydney NSW

Very helpful, interesting, great to share experiences with other participants. Was able to apply learned concept straight away. Thank you.

Ineke S. Central Coast NSW

What clients say

Marlih has helped me with feng shui for two homes I have lived in and both times she has shifted the energy blocks and restored flow in the home and my life.

I had struggled to find and maintain a balance in the swimming pool water so when I saw the pool the morning after Marlih had done a clearing I gasped, it was CRYSTAL clear. It was unexpected, an added bonus. And it was so easy to maintain from thereafter.

I had seen peer reviews on the benefits of mediating near stagnant bodies of water, monks clearing dirty lakes and the like, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the instant clarity and purification that had come through Marlih's work.

C. M. Central Coast NSW

My partner and I had our house in Collaroy on the market for several months with very little response despite doing all the right things (or so we thought), keeping it clean, tidy and very presentable with not much interest happening.

We decided to invite a feng shui expert into our home to see what areas we could improve on. Marlih Jung was most helpful, making useful suggestions here and there, including some colour changes and positioning of objects. She gave us confidence to make the changes and assured us that the house would sell within one month give or take a few days and she was right.

We had a sale within the month with the prospective owners actually commented on the feng shui aspects.

I would highly recommend Marlih Jung as a most competent feng shui consultant.

Susan N. Collaroy NSW

We sold our house on Friday 17th Sept, I did what you said then I put on a price that I hoped for, not really thinking we could achieve it but I decided to go with what I wanted not what I thought we might get and WOW to our great joy we achieved the exact amount to the last cent! We put in new carpet, painted and I did all the decorating. The house looked beautiful and sold the first weekend at the top price ever achieved in our whole street.

Thank you for all your help as far as I'm concerned feng shui really does work even though there are still a lot of sceptics round.

Rhonda K. Sydney NSW

Our beautiful coastal house had been on the market twice in the past 2 years - and we had never even received an offer on it! We were dumbfounded! The house truly is gorgeous, yet no one seemed interested.

When we decided that we really did need to sell I knew something had to change before we put it back on the market. We asked Marlih to come and do a feng shui consultation to help us to sell. Marlih spent a couple of hours with us and gave us suggestions for every room in the home. The next day we followed all of her instructions. We put the home back on the market 2 weeks later (with the same agent and advertising as before) and it sold within a week of the first open house for more money than we had expected.

I would highly recommend Marlih's feng shui consultation and will be asking her to come and consult on our new home. Now I know how powerful energy flow is, I want to make sure I am always surrounded by energy that works for our family. Thanks again.

Cathy H. Sydney NSW

Things in life are much better... Our finances are a lot better, but most importantly we don't have a haze around us anymore... If that makes sense. I have been practicing with the rods you gave me, one time I was just messing around and asked them a few questions on things that were happening, even if the bub would be early and if it would be natural birth. And they were right every answer they gave me was how it worked out!!! Very spooky!!!

I can't thank you enough for the help you gave us, you pulled us out of something that was getting darker and darker. We will more than likely get another consult next year to update anything that has changed.

Chris W. Sydney NSW

I commissioned Marlih to do a feng shui consultation at my home, as I felt that something just wasn't right. There was a lot of disharmony and stress and when you entered the house after an outing it almost felt as though a dark cloud of sadness was coming down over you, which seemed to be affecting our whole family.

Marlih did the consultation and by clearing and cleansing the house within a short period of time I started to feel lighter and brighter, more interested in life itself and my daughter also seemed to notice changes in the way she was feeling.

I became very interested in the complexities of this ancient technique, so much so that shortly after, I decided to do a 10 week course with Marlih (Feng Shui for Beginners) it was wonderful, I not only learned all about feng shui but I met a group of like-minded women, each with their own life stories and we worked as a team together bonding and learning from one another, it has completely changed my outlook on life. The following year we all joined up again and did the advanced feng shui course which was just as wonderful as the first.

I would recommend this course to everyone, even if you don't have a particularly strong interest in feng shui this course opened so many doors for me in my emotional and spiritual development, it was amazing.

Rhonda K. Sydney NSW

I first met Marlih when she came to my house for a feng shui consultation. I was very impressed with her knowledge and her dedication to guide people to help themselves. I decided to do the basic feng shui for beginners and the advanced feng shui course, which then led me to other courses that Marlih organized. Feng shui and all the other things I have learned have opened up a whole new world for me for which I am forever grateful.

Michelle G. Sydney NSW

I told Derek how you helped us sell our house in Glenmore Park and they applied the same procedure and what do you know, the first day the house was sold after months of battling - your feng shui still works my friend!

Mary S. QLD

Dear Marlih, I hope you are well and happy and that your feng shui business is booming!

I have never forgotten your email, advising me about the feng shui of the apartment I bought back in 2012 and you were 100% correct with your assessment.

Everything went wrong! Within a few months of moving in (after a very difficult period of renovating where nothing went to plan), I had a car accident; was made redundant from my job; lost a relationship with a man that I thought was my soulmate, which caused great distress; and had a nasty fall and hurt my hip.

I tried to correct the sectors but with not much success it seems! Very pleased to say I sold the flat yesterday and will try to never purchase an apartment with missing sectors again. I know Emma took 6 months to find the right place with the right feng shui and I can see why! As soon as I put it on the market I got offered a great job!

I am very happy for you to use me as an example of all the things that can go wrong living in a place with difficult feng shui aspects and missing sectors.

Many thanks for your advice - I just wish I had asked you earlier before I put a deposit down! Next time I will definitely take your advice :)

Renata M. Sydney NSW

My daughter sends you her love and says she has not stopped traveling for work since she moved her shoes where you asked her to!

F. I. Sydney NSW