Bliss Feng Shui



Marlih Jung and Emma French have 45 years of combined experience working with meditation, feng shui, kinesiology, counselling, pranic healing and energy work.

Together they have created this unique two-hour meditation workshop based on the yin and yang approach - Balancing our internal and external energies. The workshop includes:

  • Guided meditation - internal harmony.
  • Feng shui awareness and balance - external harmony.
  • Integration meditation.

The focus of this meditation is on helping you become aware of the areas in your life that require balance, designed to help you become aware of any anxiety, blockages or obstacles that may be holding you back from moving towards a future of a 'new normal' - whatever this may be, and to do so with more confidence, by connecting you with your inner guidance system and helping you open up to a field of possibilities and potential.

Introducing you to the feng shui technique will help you understand the external energies - your immediate environment (your home/office) and wherever there may be imbalances. You will learn what is needed in your home or life to correct these imbalances and help you achieve a more harmonious home.

This technique has a very intuitive approach, and guests often remark on how accurate the information they receive for that moment in time is to improve their well-being and home environment. Everyone is affected positively or negatively by the flow of time.

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